Professional Master's Program: Application Process

Please follow these instructions for applying to the Professional Master's Program (PMP) carefully. Important information regarding TRANSCRIPT PROCEDURE: Do not send paper transcripts. You must scan official transcript(s) issued by your post-secondary academic institution(s) into the CS Supplemental Application instead.

Furthermore, if you apply to both the regular M.S. program (or the Ph.D. program) and the PMP, you do not need to upload two duplicate sets of everything (such as recommendation letters, personal statements, GRE scores, official transcripts and CVs). Instead, you may upload one set of everything, into either the regular M.S. program or the PMP. We will consider that material when we evaluate your admission to both programs.

Application Requirements

As discussed in the FAQ, applicants to the PMP must:

  • satisfy the graduate school requirements with respect to undergraduate grade-point average, bachelor's degree, English proficiency, and international financial information (see this page for details)
  • submit three letters of recommendation, GRE general test, official transcripts, and a personal statement.

In addition, applicants are encouraged to submit any additional information deemed relevant, such as a CV.

Important Dates

We will admit PMP students once a year, for fall semester enrollment. Application is made online through the UW-Madison Graduate School. If you are reapplying to the department, you must submit a new application.

  • Application period begins: September 4
  • Application deadline: March 15
  • Offers of admission made: about April 1
  • Deadline for accepting offers: April 15

How to Apply

PMP applicants use the same application process and the same website as applicants to the regular M.S./Ph.D. program. Specifically, applicants should start by reviewing the Graduate School Admission Requirements. Next, please fill out the Graduate School Application.

When filling out the Graduate School Application, you will eventually get to a page titled "Intended Field of Study." This page provides three pull-down options for you to select. If you apply only to the PMP, please select just "Computer Sciences MS--Professional Program". If you apply to both the PMP and the regular M.S. or Ph.D. or both M.S. and Ph.D., you can select additional options accordingly. As mentioned in the FAQ, in this case you will be evaluated for admission to both programs (the PMP and the regular combined M.S./Ph.D.). If you are admitted to both, you can select which program to attend.

Note, however, that the deadline for the regular M.S. or Ph.D. is December 15. So if you apply after that date, you can only apply to the PMP. Any other options selected will be ignored by the admission committee.

There is a question at the bottom of that page: "If master's degree indicated, do you plan to continue for a Ph.D.?" Please select "Undecided" if you apply only to the PMP (since PMP is a terminal M.S. program).

Finally, the deadline for the PMP is March 15. If you see any other dates, please disregard them.

The CS Department's Supplemental Application

After you have completed and submitted the Graduate School Application, you will be directed to a page that requires supplemental information for the CS department. If one of your selected options is Ph.D., then select "Computer Sciences PHD" to upload your information. Otherwise, select "Computer Sciences MS and/or MS Professional."

On the next page, you will be asked for information regarding financial aid preferences and areas of interest. You can also upload any additional materials deemed relevant. This is also the place to upload your CV. When filling out this page, if you apply only to the PMP, you should answer "No" to the question "Would you like to be considered for financial support," since currently we do not offer financial support to admitted PMP students.

Note that both the Graduate School Application and the CS Department's Supplemental Application can be completed at the same time, or you can log back in later to complete the CS Department's Supplemental Application. Just be sure to submit both of them by March 15. Your application is not considered complete until the Graduate School's application fee is paid.

Further Details

We require three electronic letters of recommendation. Directions for these can be found with the Graduate School Application.

We require the GRE General Test, but not the subject GRE. Please arrange for test scores to be sent electronically (no paper copies) to the Graduate School by using the UW-Madison institution code (1846). Since the university stores scores in a centralized database, the department code you choose does not matter.

We require that you scan a copy of your official transcript (issued by your college or university) from each university and college you have attended and upload it to your supplemental application. Please note: although many colleges now allow students access to their academic record to print, we do not consider this an offical transcript! You must obtain an offical paper transcript and scan it into your supplemental application. The CS supplemental application is part of the Graduate School online application. Your application will be considered incomplete unless it contains uploaded official transcripts from each postsecondary institution you have attended. Please do not mail transcripts to the department or the Graduate School. No paper transcripts will be accepted during the application process.

If you are offered admission, you will be required to submit paper official transcripts. Please do not send them until they are requested.