Computer Sciences Alumni Spotlights

Leo Rudberg, BS 2016

Leo Rudberg started out at UW-Madison as a math major He says, “I thought only geeks studied CS. . . . However, I was intrigued by CS since I also knew that was how video games were made (again, I somehow didn’t consider myself a geek . . . ).”

Maria Yuin, MS 1998

Maria Yuin came to UW-Madison to study computer science – and to play bassoon. She was drawn to UW because she could play bassoon in music ensembles for non-majors in the School of Music while pursuing her CS degree. Now she's playing bassoon again!

Max Lynch, BS 2010

Max Lynch recommends that students "look up every once in a while and take it all in." He says of UW-Madison CS, "Being around so many smart, driven people was one of the best experiences of my life" Read all about the Ionic co-founder here!