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Welcome to the UW-Madison Department of Computer Sciences!

In the twenty-first century, computer science has a deep impact on all areas of life, and the job outlook for computer-science graduates remains exceptionally strong. In fact, analysis shows that the majority of growth within STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and math) will be for careers involving computing. Whether you plan to earn a degree in computer science or simply complete some coursework to sharpen your skillset in another field of study, exposure to computer science is critical for today’s students and working professionals.

Here at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the Department of Computer Sciences (CS) offers a dynamic environment for study, research and professional growth. We are one of the oldest and most respected computer science departments in the United States, having begun in the early 1960s as the Department of Numerical Analysis and becoming the Department of Computer Sciences in 1964.

Today, Wisconsin CS is recognized as having the world’s leading research groups in computer architecture, database systems, distributed and grid computing, and nonlinear optimization, among others. What’s more, we provide an unbeatable learning environment for students at all levels, in all areas of computer science.

Students here have an opportunity to conduct research alongside faculty. Those bitten by the entrepreneurial bug can take advantage of an innovative class specifically aimed at students who want to launch software startup companies. Campus competitions also give students a chance to hone and pitch start-up ideas, and programming competitions give students a chance to test their skills. Student organizations like SACMWACM, and The Hub enrich student life and offer a supportive and fun community.

Wisconsin CS provides students with all that a top-notch computer-science department has to offer, located within the vast array of resources and opportunities at one of the world’s top universities—not to mention the vibrant, scenic community of Madison itself.

From our bachelor’s and master’s and Ph.D. programs to professional programs such as the Professional Master’s Program (PMP) and the Professional Capstone Certificate Program, the department is meeting the needs of the 21st century. We invite you to explore our website and get to know more about this exceptional place.