Jobs within the CS Department

The Department of Computer Sciences employs both undergraduate and graduate students to assist with course instructional support.  Hiring for all positions occurs around late July and into August for Fall terms and late November into January for Spring terms.  

Graduate students are eligible for our graduate assistantships (Teaching Assistantships) and hourly grader positions.  Undergraduate students are eligible for hourly peer mentor positions.

Teaching Assistant Program

Information coming soon!

Peer Mentoring Program

Students often have difficulty adjusting to new learning environments, the challenging pace and high expectations of the college classroom. Students who have recently experienced the same challenges and been successful, may have a better idea of the problems students might encounter and may be better prepared to help students work through these difficulties than instructors or TAs.

Computer Science Peer Mentors work as facilitators—not TAs or tutors! Peer Mentors serve as guides for students as they work through material, pose and answer questions. Peer Mentors are not the keepers of the “right answers”, rather they ask students or provide opportunities for students to work with concepts to build their understanding in a comfortable, supportive learning environment. 

Role of the Computer Science Peer Mentor

  • Show empathy, caring, and understanding for the unique challenges each student faces
  • Guide students to understanding rather than telling them the answers
  • Ask carefully-crafted questions as a way to draw out student learning
  • Explain content in a way that the student can understand, at their level
  • Foster student empowerment and confidence
  • Increase a student’s sense of belonging in computer science
  • Respect each student’s background, identity, and situation

Interested in becoming a Peer Mentor?  Please complete the interest form: CS Peer Interest Form

You must use your UW google account to complete.  CS course instructors utilize the interest form to contact students.  Instructors have their own applicant review and hiring process.

If you have questions about the Peer Mentor positions program, please contact our general account at

Students interested in becoming a peer mentor are encouraged to enroll in CS 502- Theory and Practice in Computer Science Education.  This 1 credit course provides you theoretical knowledge as you learn about educational pedagogy and general teaching practices. As a service-learning requirement of this course, you will be expected to volunteer in the CS Learning Center 2 hours per week.