Library Mall, fall, with view of Capitol

Prospective Undergraduate Computer Sciences Students

Welcome to the Department of Computer Sciences!

The University of Wisconsin–Madison is renowned for its reputation, both as a research institution and for its collaborative environment. Students also choose Wisconsin for its award-winning faculty, and they know that graduating from a world-class university will help ensure a successful career.

The Computer Sciences Department is a computing powerhouse, whose faculty annually win prestigious awards and are engaged in both teaching and research on a high level of success.

Some of your first interactions with the department will be with Computer Sciences advisors. Our advisors are committed to helping our students find success and provide the following statement for prospective students.

As your advisors, we want to be clear with our students that we are committed to creating an inclusive, equitable, and safe environment for our campus community. We value our students’ identities and recognize the racist and oppressive systems in higher education that create challenges and pain that conflict with our commitment to our students. As advisors, we stand in solidarity with our students as we all tackle racist systems that create barriers to accessing a quality and safe educational environment.

We remain committed to evaluating ourselves, our privilege, and our advising practices to improve the student experience in the Computer Sciences Department and at UW-Madison. As part of our actions to dismantle oppressive systems, we are committed to providing our students a space to share their experiences, to be heard, and to be helped to the best of our ability. Our advising goes beyond just answering academic questions. We want you to know: We support you. You belong. You matter.

– Shelby Arkin, Madeline Juillard, Michael Radloff, and Mollie Stolbov