Undergraduate Advisors

A message from the CS advisors:

As your advisors, we want to be clear with our students that we are committed to creating an inclusive, equitable, and safe environment for our campus community. We value our students’ identities and recognize the racist and oppressive systems in higher education that create challenges and pain that conflict with our commitment to our students. As advisors, we stand in solidarity with our students as we all tackle racist systems that create barriers to accessing a quality and safe educational environment.

We remain committed to evaluating ourselves, our privilege, and our advising practices to improve the student experience in the Computer Sciences Department and at UW-Madison. As part of our actions to dismantle oppressive systems, we are committed to providing our students a space to share their experiences, to be heard, and to be helped to the best of our ability. Our advising goes beyond just answering academic questions. We want you to know: We support you. You belong. You matter.

– Shelby, Michael, and Mollie


Undergraduate Academic Advisors are now located on the 4th floor of tower #2.

When entering the Computer Sciences building from Dayton Street, immediately turn left.

You will go through two sets of double doors and come to the elevator for tower #2.

Summer 2022

Advising Appointments

CS Majors: The CS Department has moved to assigned advising.  Students can find their assigned advisor in the Academic Navigator via their MyUW portal.  Sign up for appointments in the Starfish app in MyUW.  Appointments are being held in either in person OR virtually; check Starfish for details.  If scheduling an in-person appointment, a mask must be worn at all times during the appointment.

Current UW Undeclared Students: Undeclared students are welcome to make an appointment with any of the four CS Undergraduate Academic Advisors.  Sign up for appointments in the Starfish app in MyUW.  Appointments are being held in either in person OR virtually; check Starfish for details.  If scheduling an in-person appointment, a mask must be worn at all times during the appointment.  Appointments for undeclared  students may be limited during peak times.  

Quick Questions: If a student has a quick question, advising@cs.wisc.edu is a great resource.  You can expect a response within one business day.

Enrollment issues/course permissions:  Email enrollment@cs.wisc.edu.  If you are requesting course access or changes to enrollment, please include your student ID number in your email. Courses above CS 400 are typically reserved for students officially declared in a Comp Sci program. Undeclared students will need to wait until this restriction is lifted to be able to enroll/waitlist. This restriction is applied through Sophomore enrollment.


Shelby Arkin


Room 4203, Computer Sciences Building

Shelby is new to UW and the Department of Computer Sciences as of January 2020.  Prior to her job at UW, she worked in the Madison Metropolitan School District as a high school counselor.  Shelby has a bachelor’s in special education from UW–Eau Claire and a master’s degree in school counseling from Concordia University.

Madeline Juillard


At the end of May, Madeline left the Computer Sciences Department and UW-Madison.  If you are currently assigned to her, please feel free to email the CS Undergraduate Advising email account, advising@cs.wisc.edu, with any questions you may have.  Students can also schedule an advising appointment via Starfish with any of the other CS Advisors.

Michael Radloff


Room 4205, Computer Sciences Building

Before joining the Computer Sciences Department in 2020, Michael advised students in Electrical and Computer Engineering at UW–Madison. He holds a bachelor’s degree in communication arts from UW–Madison and a master’s in clinical mental health counseling from UW–Whitewater. Michael enjoys chatting with students about a variety of topics, especially as they relate to academic and personal success.

Mollie Stolbov


Room 4207, Computer Sciences Building

Mollie began in October 2017 and enjoys working closely with students on their graduation plans and how to be successful in college. She holds a bachelor’s degree in communication studies and French and a master’s in management. She is a certified Global Career Development Facilitator. Mollie comes to UW–Madison with a long history in higher education and working directly with students.

Areas of Expertise

Undergraduate Advisors
Shelby Arkin
Michael Radloff
Mollie Stolbov

Computer Sciences requirements and course selection
L&S requirements and policies
ISS forms
Study abroad
SAP appeals
Honors in the major
Academic probation
Other personal concerns

Faculty Advisor

Mouna Ayari Ben Hadj Kacem – ayaribenhadj@wisc.edu

(Office hours: Wednesdays 3:30pm-5:00pm CS 4394)

Michael Doescher – mdoescher@wisc.edu

(Office hours by appointment.)

Mohit Gupta – mohitg@cs.wisc.edu 

(Office hours by appointment.)

Paris Koutris – paris@cs.wisc.edu

(Office hours by appointment.)

Specializations in the field
Graduate school for CS
Research in CS