Transfer SOAR for Computer Sciences

Welcome to the Computer Sciences Department!

Please make sure you are reviewing this information prior to your SOAR Advising Appointment.  During your SOAR Appointment, you will meet with a CS Academic Advisor who will review your Transfer Credit Evaluation, discuss course recommendations for the fall term, go over the CS Major declaration requirements and answer any questions you may have!

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L&S Degree Requirements

Make sure to complete the SOAR L&S Academic Advising Canvas Course prior to your SOAR Advising Appointment.  This course provides important academic and enrollment information.  Steps 1-4 should be completed prior to your appointment.

Transfer Credit Evaluation

  • How to Read your Credit Evaluation
  • Elective credit vs direct credit
    • Elective credit: Courses may appear  (ex. COMP SCI X12)
      • Elective credit may be used towards BA/BS degree requirements – such as breadth and credit requirements – but not Comp Sci major-specific requirements
    • Direct credit (ex. COMP SCI 300)
      • Direct credit for a Computer Sciences course will count towards CS Major requirements
  • Pre-SOAR contact from CS Advising
    • You may have been contacted by CS Advising regarding your Transfer Credit Evaluation.  If you have not yet, please follow up on information in email.
    • Prior to that follow up, your enrollment will be based on information we have at the time of your SOAR Advising Appointment.

CS Major Declaration Requirements

In order to declare the Computer Sciences Major, students must meet the following declaration requirements:

  • Completion of COMP SCI 300 & MATH 222
  • Grade of BC or higher in an intro programming course (COMP SCI 300, 354, or 400) taken at UW-Madison
  • 2.25 GPA or higher in the first completed attempt of the following courses: COMP SCI 300 & MATH 222
    • If a student needs additional coursework to meet the 2.250 GPA requirement, COMP SCI 240, 354, or 400 may also be used
      • Declaration GPA is calculated with UW-Madison courses only
      • Only includes the first attempt of all eligible major declaration coursework
      • Repeated coursework is not included
  • If you transferred in an introductory programming course, you will need to complete an introductory programming course at UW-Madison in order to declare the CS Major.  
  • During your SOAR Advising Appointment, you will discuss what you need to complete in order to declare and where you can declare the major.

CS Major Requirements

You can review all of the CS Major requirements and course descriptions in The Guide.  Students can also track major requirements and your progress through your DARS.  Learn how to run a DARS report here: 

CS Enrollment Recommendations & Practices

The CS Department has several general enrollment guidelines for students majoring in Computer Science:

  • 2 CS Major related courses a semester; no more than 3 quantitative courses when double majoring in another quantitative major
  • No two programming/project intensive courses together in same semester
  • Enroll at enrollment time – make enrollment decisions early
  • If you waitlist for a Computer Sciences course, the department manages waitlists up until the start of the term.  If a seat becomes available, you will receive an email to your email address.  Students must take action and enroll in the course.  This permission will expire in 24-48 hours.

Academic Resources & Opportunities

There are many academic resources and engagement opportunities available to students both in the CS Department and across campus:

CS Academic Advising and AAS Advising information

  • CS Advising Page
    • Undeclared students can meet with CS Advisors.  During peak enrollment, appointments may be limited.
    • Students can also email our CS Advising account,
  • Starfish link
    • All advising appointments can be scheduled through Starfish.
  • Academic Advising Services
    • As an undeclared student, you will have a Generalist Advisor.  While you can connect with CS Advising, your generalist advisor is a great resource as well.
    • Once you declare the CS Major, you will be assigned a CS Advisor and your generalist advisor will be removed.
  • L&S Deans Policies & Forms
    • There are many policies in the College of Letters and Science.  Advisors can help you navigate these many regulations.

CS Weekly Newsletter

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Welcome Back Social

Join us for the Computer Sciences’ Welcome Back Social!

Wednesday September 4th from 1-4pm

Located in the lobby of the Computer Sciences Building (1210 W. Dayton St.)

Mingle with CS faculty, instructors, and advisors while enjoying some ice cream!

(*While supplies last.)