1,923Fall 2018 CS course enrollment

94%Percentage of Comp Sci students who graduate with job offers or go on to graduate school

$128KAverage starting salary for graduates of the Professional Master’s Program


Alonso Del Rio (BS, '20) comes full circle with Scratch

Alonso Del Rio, Scratch Club participant, 2008 By Karen Barrett-Wilt Alonso Del Rio (BS, ’20) was a participant in the first Scratch Club at Shorewood Elementary…

CS PhD Student Adalbert Gerald Soosai Raj Awarded Capstone PhD Teaching Award

Adalbert Gerald is a PhD student in Computer Sciences and Education, with a focus on making computer science education accessible and relevant to everyone. He has taught a variety of…

Justin Hsu comes to UW-Madison exploring randomized algorithms and programming languages

By  Maeve Ryan Justin Hsu, who joined the faculty in the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Department of Computer Sciences in the fall of 2018, says that he’s researching programming languages and…

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