1,923Fall 2018 CS course enrollment

94%Percentage of Comp Sci students who graduate with job offers or go on to graduate school

$128KAverage starting salary for graduates of the Professional Master’s Program


Aishwarya Ganesan (CS PhD Candidate) awarded Facebook Fellowship

Aishwarya Ganesan (4th year CS PhD candidate) has just been awarded a 2019 Facebook Fellowship. Twenty-one Fellows and seven Emerging Scholars were chosen from over 900 PhD-student applicants from around…

CS Department holds symposium for high-school computer-science teachers

Over 30 high school computer science teachers from around the state attended a symposium on January 9 hosted by Faculty Associate Andy Kuemmel. The focus of the symposium was “Preparing Your…

Center for Trustworthy Machine Learning Established with $10 Million NSF Grant

A team of U.S. computer scientists is receiving a $10 million grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to make machine learning more trustworthy. The grant establishes the Center for…

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