1,890CS majors Fall 2020

528%Percentage of growth in number of Comp Sci undergrads in the last 6 years

$128KAverage starting salary for graduates of the Professional Master’s Program


UW focuses on engaging women in computer sciences

Funding from the grant will allow the computer sciences department to expand pathways for students including strategies to encourage students to enroll in entry level classes, augmenting curricula to create smoother transitions from entry level to more advanced coursework, and providing staff support and funding to develop community and cohorts.

Mohit Gupta chosen for Sony Research Faculty Innovation Award

Mohit Gupta has just received a Sony Research Faculty Innovation Award for his work on single-photon imaging. Single-photon sensors are an exciting new sensor technology that have the unique ability to capture…

National Science Foundation establishes a partnership to advance throughput computing

By Brian Mattmiller, Morgridge Institute for Research Recognizing the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s leadership role in research computing, the National Science Foundation announced this month that the Madison campus will be…

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