RED Talks bring industry technology leaders to campus to share their exciting work and offer an insider perspective. 

Tech Spotlight
Technical industry experts and leaders will connect with students and faculty discussing their company’s latest research, product development, and business strategy.

Tech Leadership
Organizational and thought leaders in the tech space will share how they navigated their landscape to develop successful companies, products, and programs. Tech Leadership talks provide insight into successful strategies and include speakers’ vision and predictions for the future.

Future Talks
The 2020-2021 RED Talk season is complete and we are on hiatus for the summer. We look forward to more RED Talks from speakers with diverse expertise starting in September 2021.  Join our mailing list to be the first to know about upcoming talks.

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Upcoming RED Talks

Sarada, Assistant Professor, Wisconsin School of Business
Thursday, October 28th, 4:00 pm
Sarada discusses the economic impact of technology and innovation on people around the world.

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Past RED Talks

Dr. Lori Kido Lopez, University of Wisconsin Associate Professor Media & Cultural Studies

Lopez discusses the potentials & limits of technology & digital media through the lens of critical race theory.

Mark Schar, Senior Teaching & Research Fellow, Design School, Stanford University

Schar discusses design thinking, how it differs from other types of “thinking” & how it can be tracked in student progress.

Leng Tan, SVP Oracle

Tan shares her personal experience on how she rose from being the sole woman engineer to Senior Vice President of Engineering.

Rob Rutenbar, University of Pittsburgh

Rutenbar shows three classes of accelerators for MRF inference that yield orders of magnitude speedup over the state of the art.

Steve Vranyes of Medtronic

Vranyes discusses data distribution in combination with AI/ML and other modern practices.

Nidhi Aggarwal, Founder of QwikLabs

Aggarwal tells the story of her journey from a traditional Indian family to being an entrepreneur.

Garry Bowlin, Software Developer, Cosmos Team, Epic Systems

Bowlin discusses how Cosmos works, challenges around such a novel and massive dataset, and the promise of evidence-based medicine.

Alex Hanna, PhD, Senior Research Scientist, Google

Hanna discusses algorithmic unfairness, bias in data, and its impact on our society.

Faisal Mushtaq, SVP & General Manager, Clinical Networks, Change Healthcare

Mushtaq discusses the ever-changing healthcare landscape & advancements in the industry which streamline operations.

Peter Commons, VP Engineering Zendesk

Commons shares his experiences working in the software industry & helps provide you with questions you might not have asked yourself.

Mark Yearling of Kohl’s

Yearling discusses the business and technical challenges presented to the engineering team that lead to Jarvis.

Milo Medin of Google

Medin discusses the technological changes from LTE to 5G and the security and global ecosystem implications.