Wisconsin Emerging Scholars (WES-CS)

What is WES-CS?

WES-CS studentsWES-CS is a set of fun, interactive study groups for students who are enrolled in CS 200 (Programming I) and CS 300 (Programming II).  WES-CS especially welcomes and supports students from groups underrepresented in computer science and students who are new to programming or the computer sciences. Through weekly meetings led by peers, you’ll earn one additional credit and gain greater mastery of introductory computer science course material. It’s a great way to enhance your introduction to the challenging, exciting, and varied field of computer science.

WES-CS was started in 2004 by Professor Susan Horwitz, with the goal of providing a supportive, collaborative, and challenging environment, where diverse groups of students can explore computer science through interesting problem-solving activities in small groups.

What do WES-CS students do?

  • Learn in small, peer-led groups of about 8-10 students
  • Gain computing confidence and master fundamental principles
  • Learn about career paths through visits to local tech companies and dinners with special guests
  • Make lasting friendships
  • Have fun!

How can I enroll?

Due to limited funding, we are currently opening enrollment only to students who belong to our partner cohort groups.  Partner groups include:

  • Center for Academic Excellence
  • Posse Program
  • PEOPLE Program
  • Freshman Interest Groups (FIG)
  • Mercile J Lee Program
  • Girls Who Code
  • Black Cultural Center
  • Latinx Cultural Center
  • Indigenous Student Center
  • UW Madison DDEEA Program
  • McBurney Center
  • Badger Engineer Start Program

If you are part of one of our partner groups, please fill out the following enrollment authorization form: WES-CS Enrollment Authorization Request Form.  If you have further questions, please contact CS Advising (advising@cs.wisc.edu).

What past participants have to say

  • “My group leader didn’t move on unless the content was understood by all, which was very helpful.”
  • “My team leader was great and always tried to answer any questions I had.  She explained things well, and with just enough information so that I could try work it out on my own.”
  • “WES CS 304 was always really fun and extremely useful.”