Computer Sciences Learning Center (CSLC)

The Computer Sciences Learning Center (CSLC) offers FREE drop-in tutoring for CS 200, 220, 240, 252, 300, 354 and 400. Students can get help from our CSLC peer tutors, but are also welcome to use the space as an open and comfortable study environment.  Tutoring will start Sunday February 12th and go through Wednesday May 3rd.


  • Sunday, 2 – 8 PM
  • Monday – Wednesday, 3 – 9 PM

The CSLC is located on The Shelf in the CS Building (if students enter by Union South, take the stairs to their right to a loft area in the lobby).

Please send any questions to Kristin Brown.

The CSLC is possible through the generous gift of Sheldon and Marianne Lubar. “Educating our students and citizens in [computer] science is a very high priority by any measure if our country is to maintain and grow our standard of living. Marianne and I are grateful we can help in this effort,” says Mr. Lubar. Thanks to the Lubars’ support, the CSLC has become a key educational pillar within the CS department. The CSLC provides exceptional support to students via tutoring and creates an opportunity for student tutors to give back to the department, an excellent example of the Wisconsin Idea in action.