Summer Internship/CPT Process for International Students

CS Department Policy for International MS/PhD Students Applying for CPT (Curricular Practical Training) in Summer

This information is only for the traditional MS/PhD program. Click here for spring and fall CPT information.

(PMP student CPT info: click here.)

After obtaining your internship offer and employment letter, follow the instructions below to request CPT approval. Be aware that the TA contract begins on Aug 19, 2024. Returning TAs are required to be back on campus by August 28th.

  • Contact a faculty member (typically your academic advisor, if applicable) and ask permission to enroll in 702.
    • Send them the offer letter, location of the hosting organization, dates of the planned internship, and job description.
  • Traditional Masters or PhD students, including dissertators: complete this MS/PhD Google form.
  • Submit a Terra Dotta verification request using the graduate manager’s name as the verifier. This verification request is completed by the grad program manager, not the 702 course advisor. 
  • Students will receive a course enrollment email via
    • Predissertators register for CS 702 for 2 credits for full time internships (minimum 10 weeks/40 hours per week). 
    • Predissertators register for CS 702 for 1 credit for part time internship (minimum of 5 weeks/40 hours per week or equivalent). 
    • Dissertators register for the required dissertator enrollment  of 3 credits of 990. They should not enroll in 702.   Internships for dissertators are covered by enrolling in CS 990 dissertation research. International dissertators who are doing internships also need to sign up for CPT with ISS.