Internship/CPT Process for International Professional Master’s Students (PMP)

Professional Master’s Program Student Information

CS 702 Co-Op is a cooperative experience course for master’s students in a commercial, government, or nonprofit setting, usually in the form of an internship. The work will be monitored by a graduate advisor from the faculty of the Department of Computer Sciences. Enroll Info: 10 week option at 40 hours for 2 credits, 5 week option for 1 credit.

International students must complete two consecutive semesters of in-person instruction before being eligible for internship.

Fall and Spring internships are admitted for PMP students with the permission of the PMP Program Manager.  For eligible international students, 2 credits of CS 702 is calculated as an academic load of full-time. 

(Trad MS/PhD student CPT info: click here for summer; click here for fall/spring.)


  1. Obtain an internship
  2. Students contact their Academic Advisor and ask permission to enroll in 702, sending them information about the planned internship, including an offer letter, location of the hosting organization, dates of the planned internship, and the kind of tasks they might work on. 
  3. The faculty member asks any questions and sets expectations for checking in during the internship. (For example, the student may be asked to send an email with a brief progress report to the faculty member every two weeks.) Once satisfied, the faculty member becomes their instructor for 702 and emails their approval to the student.
  4. PMP students complete the PMP Google Form to provide information for the graduate program manager and to obtain permission for enrollment.  Students will be asked for data about the planned enrollment:  Name, Student ID, internship company, dates. The Internship offer letter and email approval from the course instructor will need to be uploaded into the google form.  
  5. International students need to then submit a Terra Dotta verification request using the graduate manager name as the verifier. For the PMP that is Janna Boehm. The verification request is completed by the grad program manager not the 702 course advisor. This step needs to be completed before you will be granted enrollment.
  6. Students will receive a course enrollment email via


  1. Students are required to write a short report (3-4 pages) describing their learning related to computer science. This high level report should contain details on techniques, technologies, approaches and hands on experiences while also not revealing any confidential information. The report is due two weeks before the grading deadline.
  2. Submit report here
  3. Instructor submits CS 702 Co-Op grade at the end of the semester.