UW-Madison CHTC helps facilitate computational skills training for American Museum of Natural History

Researchers with dinosaur bonesThe American Museum of Natural History ramps up education on research computing. After “falling in love with the system” during the 2023 OSG SchoolAmerican Museum of Natural History Museum (AMNH) bioinformatics specialist Dean Bobo wondered if he could jump on an offer to bring New York institutions’ and researchers’ attention to the OSPool, a pool of computing capacity freely available to U.S.-affiliated institution researchers. Research Facilitation Lead Christina Koch mentioned the capacity of the National Science Foundation (NSF)-funded Partnership to Advance Throughput Computing (PATh) project to help institutions put on local trainings. So he reached out to Koch — and indeed the offer did stand!

The PATh project is committed to advancing the state of the art and adoption of high throughput computing (HTC). As part of this commitment, the project annually offers the OSG School at UW–Madison, which is open to participants who want to transform their research and scale out utilizing HTC. AMNH wanted to host a shortened version of the OSG School for their researchers with the help of the PATh team.

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