UW-Madison wins at International Collegiate Programming Contest, goes to world finals for 19th year running

By John Mak

Team Model Solution in action
Team Model Solution in action

On the ninth of November, the regional round of the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC, formerly known as the ACM programming competition) was held on the Epic campus. Of 180 teams in the North-Central North America (NCNA) region, nineteen competed at Epic, including six teams from UW-Madison. Our teams emerged victorious, securing the 1st, 3rd, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 15th places out of 180 teams in the region. Our top-performing team solved 10 of the 11 problems and only missed the last problem by a tiny margin. No other team in the region solved more than seven. Scoreboard.

Our regional champions automatically qualify for the North American Championship in Atlanta, Georgia, as well as the 44th World Finals in Moscow, Russia. This is the 19th year in a row that UW-Madison has advanced to the World Finals, a title that no other institution in North America can boast. Congratulations to all the teams, and thanks to Professor Van Melkebeek for 19 years of coaching and Epic for hosting the event!

Team Model Solution and Professor Van Melkebeek
Team Model Solution and Professor Van Melkebeek

The teams are listed below:

The B-Trees – 15th place: William Huang, Andrew Lien, Kelvin Lien

TooCaiToWin – 8th place: Chengxu Bian, Houming Chen, Kai Wang

int main() – 7th place: Suyan Qu, Jin Shangfeng, Shawn Zhong

the Pillar Men – 6th place: Rawin Deeboonchai, Vibhor Goel, Rattee Jarusirawong

NP-Easiness – 3rd place: Fan Gao, Sihan Liu, Yuhan Xie

Model Solution – Champion: Dung Bui, Jirayu Burapacheep, Ziyi Zhang

Team Coach: Professor Dieter van Melkebeek