HTCondor Week 2019 starts May 20 with events open to the public

HTCondor Week 2018HTCondor Week is an annual event for people from academia, industry, and government who utilize the Center for High Throughput Computing resources to enhance their research. Over 100 people from around the globe attend, as well as faculty, staff, and grad students from UW-Madison.

The public is invited to attend two lectures on Tuesday, May 21:

  • Ice Fishing for Neutrinos: Exploring the mysteries of the cosmos from beneath the South Pole: Francis Halzen, IceCube project PI and HTCondor Week 2019 keynote speaker, tells the incredible story of how IceCube is uncovering some of the cosmos’ most elusive mysteries with a 1km^3 neutrino detector buried deep within the Antarctic ice sheet.  IceCube is one of the most prolific and ambitious project out of UW-Madison.
    DeLuca Forum, Discovery Building
    9am, 5/21
  • Computer & Data Sciences at UW-Madison: Remzi Arpaci-Dusseau, Computer Sciences professor and incoming Chair, discusses how campus and Computer Sciences are changing, how the connection between CS and the world is ever more important, and how campus is increasingly behind that vision.
    DeLuca Forum, Discovery Building
    10am, 5/21

In addition, UW faculty, staff, and students are welcome attend two tracks of presentations on Monday, May 20 and Thursday, May 23:

  • The first track, in the DeLuca Forum, is oriented towards campus faculty/staff/students users who wish to learn how to use freely available HTCondor computing resources provided and managed by CHTC to enhance their research.
  • The second track on Monday, and also the presentations on Thursday May 23, are oriented towards system administrators and technology partners who wish to learn how to setup and manage their own HTCondor installation at their own department/institution.

See the full schedule for more information.

If you have questions, feel free to contact the HTCondor team at