MS – Data Engineering

Data engineers ensure that increasing amounts of data being generated and processed on a daily basis are usable by the time they reach data scientists and analysts. This program prepares students for employment in this exponentially growing field.

The MS in Data Engineering program focuses on the principles and practices of managing data at scale. It emphasizes the valid and efficient collection, storage, management, and processing of datasets to support computation and data driven systems important to data science and data analytics functions. Given the increasing amounts of data being generated and processed daily, almost all industries need data engineers to build and maintain robust data-handling systems. If you’re interested in making high-quality data accessible to scientists and analysts, this degree is for you.

For degree requirements and program details, see the UW-Madison Guide.

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Key Faculty and Staff Contacts

Stephen Wright

Department Chair and Professor

Suman Banerjee

Head of Professional Programs

Professor and Associate Chair, Professional Programs

Cindy Fendrick

Department Administrator for Academic Services