Celebrating Computer Sciences Double Majors

Double majors are pursued from time to time within the College of Letters & Science at UW-Madison, right? Wrong – they are everywhere! Here in the Computer Sciences department, almost half of our 1800 or so majors have a second (or third!) major. We celebrate their creativity, passion, and creative approaches to their futures. Read profiles below of CS undergrads who have combined their study of computer science with other majors across L&S and beyond.

Malinda Miller, Computer Sciences & Art

"I'm also a glassblower, which has given me more than one way to solve problems and to approach life in general."

Caleb LaCount, Computer Sciences & Dairy Science

"I chose to pursue both degrees because I couldn’t picture my future without either degree in it."

Caleb LaCount

Amanda Robinson, Computer Sciences & Spanish

"I hope to apply what I have learned about how people learn languages and combine this with my CS knowledge to work on Natural Language Processing."

Amanda Robinson

Rafael Garcia Chavez, Computer Sciences, Math & Statistics

"Statistics and math provide the models necessary for computers to 'understand' and analyze things, and I just think that it is awesome when a computer is able to do certain types of decisions."

Rafael at the WI state capitol

Yujie (Maggie) Guo, Computer Sciences & Biology

"I’d like to do research in bioinformatics, specifically biomedical data science applied to the field of cancer genetics. Bioinformatic tool developers must understand biological mechanism and algorithms equally."

Yujie (Maggie) Guo

Vade Kamenitsa-Hale, Computer Sciences, Linguistics & Political Science

"Computer Science, specifically, has provided me with tools to understand data structures and data analyses tools, which is very helpful for both linguistic analysis and political polling."