2024 CS Department Awards and Thank-Yous

We celebrated all CS Department awards in person on Monday, May 6, 2024. Congratulations to all recipients!

CS Department Undergraduate Scholarships

The David Dewitt Undergraduate Scholarship

This scholarship was established to recognize academic excellence in computer science and is the top undergraduate honor offered by our department. Scholarships were presented to the following students:

Shrey Modi
Yi Wei
Thomason Zhao

The Hina and Faisal Mushtaq Scholarship

This scholarship was created by the family of Faisal Mushtaq, who received an undergraduate degree in Computer Sciences from UW in 1988. Faisal has had a long career at the intersection of technology and health care and was founder of Veridigm, which provides IT solutions to a wide variety of health care solutions. The recipient will receive a $1000 scholarship. This year’s winner:

Tanay Nagar

The Paul D. Salmon Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was established in memory of Paul Salmon. Paul was born in Kingston, Jamaica and came to UW-Madison to get a bachelor’s and master’s degree in computer science. After graduating, he worked at Epic Health Care for 20 years and passed away in 2021. Paul had a passion for mentoring younger developers and sharing his wealth of knowledge of programming, so to honor that part of his life, his family established the Paul D. Salmon Memorial Scholarship Fund. This perpetual fund through the UW Foundation will periodically award a scholarship to an undergraduate in Computer Sciences from an underrepresented group. The recipient will receive a $1000 scholarship. This year’s

Yuqing Wang

Wai Ying Yick and Dr Chui Wai Yuen Endowment

Benjamin Hong


Computer Sciences Graduate Fellowships

Klug NCR Graduate Fellowship in Database Systems

Bobbi Yogatama (Advisor: Xiangyao Yu)

Cisco Systems Distinguished Graduate Fellowship

Laura Stegner (Advisor: Bilge Mutlu)
Carter Sifferman (Advisors: Mike Gleicher and Mohit Gupta)

Landweber NCR Graduate Fellowship in Distributed Systems

Sujay Yadalam (Advisor: Mike Swift)

Ivanisevic Award for Computer Sciences Dissertators

Nikos Zarifis (Advisor: Ilias Diakonikolas)

CS Department Faculty, Staff & Grad Student Awards

2024 Summer Computer Sciences RAships

Student (advisor):
Omit Rostamabadi (Ming Liu)
Andrey Yao (Ethan Cecchetti)
Saikumar Yadugiri (Rahul Chatterjee)
Abtin Ashfar (Rishab Goyal)
Angus He (Bart Miller)
Daniel Killough (Yuhang Zhao)
Yusen Liu (Mike Swift)
Alex Clinton (Kirthi Kandaswamy)
Michael Xu (Bilge Mutlu)
Abhinav Harish (Josiah Hanna)
Ioannis Iakovidis (Ilias Diakonikolas)
Aaryan Patel (Tej Chajed)
Albert Ge (Fred Sala)
Md. Tareq Mahmood (Shivaram Venkatamaran)
Edward Halim (Swamit Tannu)
Vojtech Aschenbrenner (Remzi Arpaci-Dusseau)
William Sun (Mike Gleicher)

UW CS Graduate Instructor Award

Ben Young
Eric Brandt, Honorable Mention

Carolyn Rosner Award for Excellence in Teaching

Shivaram Venkatarman

Graduate Student Research Award

Eric Pauley

UW CS Departmental Service Award

Jill Nagler

SACM COW Award - coming soon!

Each year SACM has the honor of awarding the Choice of Wisconsin Award, or, as it is more affectionately known, the COW Award.

It is given to a professor who has done an exceptional job in the classroom teaching environment, as opposed to research or extracurricular activities. The winner is chosen directly by the graduate students of this department.