Congratulations to CS undergrad Hilldale Research Fellowship recipients!

Seven Computer Sciences majors were awarded Hilldale Undergraduate/Faculty Research Fellowships at the recent Chancellor’s Undergraduate Awards Ceremony. Grants are awarded to undergraduates and their faculty/staff advisors for research collaboration. The CS students and faculty winners and their research projects are listed below. Congratulations, all!

Shu Liu; Aditya Akella, advisor; HyperAPX: Leveraging Approximation for Fast Hyperparameter Exploration

Donelson Berger; Matthew Banks, advisor; The Organization of Auditory Processing Streams in the Human Brain

Ayush Kumar; Kaipeng Chen, advisor; Understanding Public Risk Perception of COVID-19 and Mobility Patterns with Twitter Data

Miriam Lebowitz; Maryellen MacDonald, advisor; Will Skills Acquired through Speaking Practice Transfer to Listening Psychology Practice in Second Language Learning?

Heqiao Zhu; Kevin Eliceiri, advisor; Quantitative Software for Characterizing Cell and Tumor Microenvironment Interactions

Yuren Sun; Zuzana Burivalova, advisor; Rainforest Stethoscope: Species Classification with Machine Learning Economics, Mathematics Based on Acoustic Signal

Sherry Wong; Ellen Zweibe, advisor; Cosmic Ray and Magnetically Driven Bubbles in Galaxies