SACM Programming Contest April 19!

CS building exterior

Happy Spring everyone! A mini programming contest is being organized by SACM which will be hosted on Codeforces. The event will take place on Friday April 19 from 5pm to 7pm. Participants will physically gather at room 1240 to take part in this contest.
Participating in the contest might provide you a refresher for your interviews and coding skills. Each team will have 2 students. The difficulty will generally be between interviews and ICPC. There will be practice problems available online several days before. We will have onsite warm-up session 30 min prior to the real contest to let you set up and test things. Come early and get yourself familiarize with the codeforces system if you are totally new.

Important: You will need to bring your own laptops.

Sign up here!

There will be food for all. First and second place will get an amazon gift card of $100 and $50 respectively. RSVP in ahead of time to help us prepare enough food and in order to receive the prize.