University of Wisconsin Foundation/CDIS/CS Staff

Nick JaegerNick Jaeger: I’ve been at UWFAA for seven years, spending most of my time working with UW-Madison’s Department of Chemistry to forge a comprehensive development enterprise, including the construction of a new facility (scheduled to open in early 2021).  In 2019 I stepped in as Managing Senior Director of Development, where I am responsible for managing a small team and driving performance across the College of Letters & Science’s physical, natural and computer sciences portfolio.  I have a specific assignment to the School of CDIS, where I partner closely with Tom Erickson, Remzi Arpaci-Dusseau and others to secure financial resources in support of the new School.

Camille RobertMy name is Camille Robert, and I work at the Wisconsin Foundation as a Donor Experience Officer for the Department of Computer Sciences. In my position, I connect alumni and donors to the Department of Computer Sciences, provide a window into campus, and work to increase financial support of the Department. If you are interested in discussing your short-term and long-term philanthropic goals, do not hesitate to reach out. You can contact me at or follow my Facebook page at Camille Robert – UW-Madison Computer Sciences Donor Experience Officer. On, Wisconsin!