Short-term project

Mobile App Developer

A UChicago startup is looking for a developer, to help in building a new media company. The startup focuses on a new, more efficient way to deliver news, in a digestible, reliable, and easy to use format. In the age of fake news and misinformation, we think a time to pursue this has
never been better.

Research/Data Collection Assistant

Primary Responsibilities: (first few months)
Data scraping from website, assemble text data in
Microsoft Excel database or equivalent.

Qualifications: Knowledge of web data scraping
techniques. Proficiency with Microsoft Excel. Good
communication skills. Works productively

We are looking for a student (undergraduate or graduate) to assist us with research by
helping to scrape textual data from webpages and collect the data in an easy to use format.

Software Developer

Bonfire is a fast growing, Madison-based, startup with two UW graduates a
part of our co-founding team. We have an opportunity that we are excited to
share with the UW Computer Science community. We are seeking an
undergraduate or graduate student or group of students who are proficient in
web/mobile application development. We are seeking students with
experience in JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, and/or database development. The
project can count as credit or be a freelance project.


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