Ramu Sunkara

CEO & Co-Founder, Alan AI, Inc.

Sunnyvale, CA

Ramu Sunkara headshot

Ramu Sunkara is the CEO and Co-Founder of Alan. Alan adds voice to any application in the Enterprise. Customers and Employees can talk to the applications and get synchronized voice and visual responses and complete their daily activities using voice. The Voice AI service supports the domain language for any enterprise to improve the speech-2-text accuracy, spoken language understanding to determine the intents and entities and stream the voice and visual elements back to the application. Alan is named after Alan Turing. Before Alan, Ramu led the mobile products for Skype, when the company he co-founded, Qik–the leader in the mobile video–was acquired by Skype for $150M in 2011. He started Qik in his garage in 2006, engineered its survival during the 2008 financial crisis, and evolved Qik to become the #2 paid application in Apple’s App Store and worked out pre-load agreements for Android devices with 13 operators in the U.S., Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.

Why I love Wisconsin CS:
The Wisconsin CS department is our brand for life. We have to sustain it and improve it as the world of computing evolves, and I am excited to do my part as a member of the CS BOV.