Judith Faulkner

CEO and Founder, Epic

Madison, WI

Judith Faulkner

Judy Faulkner is CEO and founder of Epic, which she began in 1979 in the basement of an apartment house with $70,000 in start-up money and two half-time assistants.  Epic has grown by its bootstraps, without venture capital or going public.

Judy received honorary doctorates from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and from Mount Sinai in New York, an M.S. in computer sciences from the UW, and a BS in mathematics from Dickinson College.  After teaching computer science for several years, she then worked as a software developer, creating one of the first databases organized around the patient.

Judy currently serves on the UW-Madison Computer Sciences Board of Visitors, is a member of the National Academy of Medicine’s Leadership Roundtable and of the Aspen Health Strategy Group.  She has pledged that 99% of her assets will go to philanthropy.