PhDs graduating 2021-2022


Student Advisor Dissertation
Alexander Brooks Matthew Berland Novice Language Adaption in Reddit and StackOverflow
Amrita Roy Chowdhury Somesh Jha Differential Privacy and Cryptography: A Symbiotic Relationship
Ioannis Chronis Jignesh Patel Data processing for the modern hardware landscape
Shaleen Deep Paris Koutris Task-Aware Materialization for Fast Data Analytics
Jordan Henkel Thomas Reps Learning from Code and Non-Code Artifacts
Artsion Hovarau Jin-Yi Cai Complexity and Expressibility of Counting Graph Homomorphism Problems
Qinheping Hu Loris D’Antoni Guarantees in Program Synthesis
Wooyeong Jang Somesh Jha On the Classification problem against adversarial examples
Rogers Jeffrey Leo John Jignesh Patel From Data to Insights through Conversation
Sizhuo Ma Mohit Gupta Resolving Motion with Single-Photon Cameras
Yuzhe Ma Xiaojin Zhu Adversarial Attacks in Sequential Decision Making
Alisa Maas Ben Liblit and Thomas Reps Static Analysis Support for Challenging Domains
Christopher Magnano Anthony Gitter Closing the Gap Between Biologist and Computation
Kshiteej Mahajan Aditya Akella Scheduler-driven Strategies to Adapt Distributed Analytics to Shared Execution Environments
Andrew Morgan Dieter van Melkebeek Lower Bounds Related to Identity Testing, Circuit Minimization, and Inversion Minimization
Yuvraj Patel Andrea Arpaci Dusseau and Remzi Arpaci-Dusseau Process Synchronization as resources in Concurrent Systems
Alexander Peer Kevin Ponto
David Porfirio Bilge Mutlu and Aws Albarghouthi Authoring Social Interactions Between Humans and Robots
Arjun Singhvi Aditya Akella Towards Performant and Efficient Data Processing Services
Akshay Sood Mark Craven Interpreting Black-box Models using Hierarchical and Temporal Abstractions
Yifeng Teng Shuchi Chawla The Power of Simple Pricings for Revenue and Welfare Maximization
Hongyi Wang Dimitris Papailiopoulos Communication-efficient and Robust Distributed Machine Learning
Yunyang Xiong Vikas Singh Resource Constrained Neural Architecture Design
Yijing Zeng Suman Banerjee Towards Large Scale Spectrum Sensing and Data Analysis
Xiaomin Zhang Poh-Ling Loh and Yingyu Liang Amending statistical model from clustering data along along with learning
Xuezhou Zhang Xiaojin Zhu Statistical Robustness in Reinforcement Learning