System Level Analysis of Mutational Landscape of Cancer

The genomic landscape of cancer obtained from large scale studies revealed mutational patterns such as mutual exclusivity and co-occurrences. Despite significant efforts, the understanding of the patterns harbored by specific genes and their interplay with functional interactions are still limited. Both mutual exclusivity and co-occurrence can arise due to several reasons. For example, two functionally interacting genes may dysregulate the same cancer related pathway when either of them is mutated, leading to mutually exclusive mutations.

Preparing for and Landing Your Dream Teaching Career after Graduation

If your future might include a teaching position at a liberal arts college a teaching-focused position at a university or community college, a faculty position that requires teaching as well as research skills or the growing market for high school CS educators, this workshop is for you! Any CS grad student (MS or PHD) who is curious about a CS teaching career after graduation is encouraged to attend. This workshop will provide information on how to prepare during your years in graduate school.

[pl-seminar] Model-Assisted Machine-Code Synthesis

Binary rewriters are tools that are used to modify the functionality of binaries lacking source code. Binary rewriters can be used to rewrite binaries for a variety of purposes including optimization, hardening, and extraction of executable components. To rewrite a binary based on semantic criteria, an essential primitive to have is a machine-code synthesizer—a tool that synthesizes an instruction sequence from a specification of the desired behavior, often given as a formula in quantifier-free bit-vector logic (QFBV).

CS/iSchool HCI Seminar: Understanding and Designing for Late-Life Online Engagement

The older adult population will grow exponentially in the coming years with more baby boomers reaching retirement age. Yet, our online communities are not well supported for engaging them online. Older adults with internet access struggle to see the value of engaging in certain online communities. Offline seniors face many barriers to internet use (e.g. cost, access). Despite these barriers, there are social, financial, and health benefits to engaging online, specifically for older adults.

GAON: General-purpose Application Offload to Near-Network Processors

Emerging intelligent bump-in-the-wire network adapters, iNICs, are increasingly deployed for accelerating custom network functions in large-scale data center and cloud environments such as Microsoft Azure. However, their potential to speed up network-intensive server applications remains largely unexplored due to the lack of appropriate programming models and OS abstractions.

Space-Time Computation and the Brain

For more than a decade, a grand challenge posed to computer researchers has been to understand, and eventually replicate, the way the brain computes – “reverse engineer the brain”, so to speak. Despite its universally recognized importance, computer researchers have made little forward progress. In fact, theoretical neuroscientists have assumed leadership in architecting plausible computing models and consequently have taken significant first steps toward solving the problem.


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