Entry Level Consultant, Data & Analytics

The Data & Analytics team delivers strategic business solutions for clients requiring in-depth analysis of large, disparate sets of financial, operational and transactional data. Our team of experienced consultants identifies, acquires and transforms vast amounts of critical client information, then uses FTI’s business and industry expertise to analyze problems or opportunities and identify and create solutions.

Automata learning for security testing

Automata learning algorithms such as the L* algorithm are a family of active
learning algorithms. They are used to automatically build a model of a system, in
the form of automata or transducers, by querying the target system and then
refining the model using counterexamples. In this talk, I will discuss new
systems, based on novel and classical automata learning algorithms, for testing
a variety of security and correctness properties in a black-box manner, i.e.
given only the ability to query the target program and without access to the

Enabling Interaction on Everyday Surfaces

Abstract: Computers are now ubiquitous. However, computers and digital content have remained largely separate from the physical world – users explicitly interact with computers through small screens and input devices, and the “virtual world” of digital content has had very little overlap with the immediate, physical world. My work aims to help computing escape the confines of screens and devices, and spill information- and computationally-rich digital content out into the familiar world around us.

Applications Developer

The City of Madison's Information Technology Department has an exciting career opportunity. We are currently looking for a highly adaptable I.T. professional to provide primary application development and support for City software. This type of work typically involves application programming, scripting, report writing, and application configuration against a Microsoft SQL database.

Find full details on the attached posting.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Building an Autonomous, Adaptive Internet Routing Overlay

Building industrial Internet-scale systems isn't easy. It requires solving major technological challenges and making many decisions balancing technical, product, and organizational requirements. Often times when research and abstract ideas meet reality, the results can be messy and the problems only become evident as the system grows.

Associate Engineer

We are looking for talented and motivated software engineers to join our development staff in building our next generation of trading infrastructure and applications. These distributed real-time systems will require you to have a deep understanding of computer science concepts, strong software development skills and methodology, and effective communication and teamwork abilities. The design and implementation of these systems will be a significant challenge to even the most talented developers and we hope you are up for the task.

Find full details on the attached posting.

Summer research opportunity for undergraduates: Big data analytics

The NSF REU program at Oklahoma State University (OSU) is a ten-week summer program for undergraduate students. Participants in the program will contribute to research projects in big data analytics, including computer vision, visualization, social media data analytics, anonymity, and machine learning. Field trips, talks by external speakers, and workshops are included.


  • Undergraduate students from 2-year and 4-year colleges
  • U.S. citizen or permanent resident



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