UX/Frontend Developer, Healthcare

Seeking an experienced, talented UX developer to help us build web apps for a biomedical company doing
cancer screenings. We need someone with very strong front-end coding skills and a passion for creating
exceptional user experiences to help us with important healthcare industry projects. The candidate will work at
our casual Madison office just off the Capitol Square.

Web/Software Developer

The ideal candidate must have solid technical skills in developing robust data- driven applications
using Web development tools, object-oriented programming languages and techniques, database
design and optimization tools and leading operating system and network platforms.

Ancilla Partners is looking for a Developer who is an intelligent, enthusiastic, independent, detail-
oriented, self-motivated problem solver who is able to work with moderate supervision. The ideal


The Survey of the Health of Wisconsin program is looking for a qualified applicant to join our population-based health research team. We welcome applicants with entry-level database administration experience. If you have or are developing
skills for providing up to date solutions for data management, storage, security, and dissemination, we welcome your application.

Software Engineer (Full stack)

We are looking for a great junior software engineer to join the software development team
at Moxe Health. You will help us build a great new health information network and
clearinghouse to give valuable insights to all parties in the healthcare system. We are an
agile devops team dedicated to delivering quality products for our customers.

If you want to amaze us with your skills as an O-O programmer in C#, Java and other
languages, please apply and get to know us.

The Fairsquare Project: Countering Programs that Discriminate

Software has become a powerful arbitrator of a range of significant decisions with far-reaching societal impact---hiring, welfare allocation, prison sentencing, policing and, among many others. With the range and sensitivity of algorithmic decisions expanding by the day, the problem of understanding the nature of program discrimination and fairness is a pressing one.

Revenue Maximization with an Uncertainty-Averse Buyer

Most work in mechanism design assumes that buyers are risk neutral; some
considers risk aversion arising due to a non-linear utility for money. Yet
behavioral studies have established that real agents exhibit risk attitudes
which cannot be captured by any expected utility model. We initiate the study
of revenue-optimal mechanisms under behavioral models beyond expected utility
theory. We adopt a model from prospect theory which arose to explain these
discrepancies and incorporates agents under-weighting uncertain outcomes. In


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