Walgreens Computer/Software Engineering Internship – Summer 2018

Job Summary
Walgreens is looking for a Software/Computer Engineer Intern to join one of the largest initiatives in our
company, Pharmacy Renewal. The Walgreens Pharmacy Renewal efforts seek to design and build the
largest, most advanced pharmacy infrastructure in the world from the ground up. Empowered to
operate as an innovation center, this effort represents one of Walgreens most important programs at
both global and local levels. US, UK and Italy based teams will be leveraging the most advanced and

Metabolomics, Genomics, and Risk for Alzheimer’s Disease

Although Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a highly prevalent and heritable disease, little is known about the underlying mechanisms that lead to its onset. Investigating the metabolomics and genomics of risk factors preceding its diagnosis could be an informative approach to better understand this complex disease. In this talk, I will describe longitudinal analyses investigating associations between metabolites and an aspect of cognitive function that declines early in the disease progression.

Walgreens Corporate IT Internship

This internship position will be a part of the Walgreens Information Technology team. Responsible for supporting IT Directors in the areas of application development, infrastructure and cloud computing, digital programs and security. This position will provide the intern visibility into multiple technology domains as well as an opportunity to interact with key individuals in the pharmacy and/or retail businesses.

Some Latent Representations in Medical Image Analysis and Computer Vision

Capturing the underlying attributes of the data with their latent representations (i.e., PCA) often benefits various downstream tasks such as statistical test and classification in many domains. At the same time, the process of identifying the latent representations appropriate to the data and/or analysis is itself an important task.

Provably Robust Machine Learning

Abstract: Fitting a model to a collection of observations is one of the quintessential problems in machine learning. Since any model is only approximately valid, an estimator that is useful in practice must also be robust in the presence of model misspecification. It turns out that there is a striking tension between robustness and computational efficiency. Even for the most basic high-dimensional tasks, until recently the only known estimators were either hard to compute or could only tolerate a negligible fraction of errors.

Breaking Cryptographic Barriers

Abstract: Can we provably immunize protocols against coordinated attacks on the internet? Can we verify that computation is performed correctly while preserving the privacy of underlying data? Can we enable mutually distrusting participants to securely compute on distributed private data? These are some of the core challenges that lie at the heart of modern cryptography and secure protocol design.

In this talk, I will discuss my research that builds non-interactive secure protocols to address these challenges based on widely believed cryptographic hardness assumptions.

Student Programmer

Job Description: Programming support for ongoing development of an integrated farm systems simulation model written in Python. Joint project between UW-Madison Biological Systems Engineering Department and USDA-ARS Dairy Forage Research Center. Hourly appointment for 30-40 hr/week during the summer and 10-20 hr/week during the school year. Regular evaluation of task completion and work quality. Compensation is $15-17/hr depending on experience. Application deadline: March 31, 2018.

Desired competencies:


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