Thanksgiving Cook Off '18

A mini programming contest "Thanksgiving Cook Off '18" is being organized by SACM, which will be hosted on Codeforces. Participating in the contest might provide you a refresher for your interviews and coding skills. The contest will take place in CS 1240 from 3 to 5pm on this Friday, Nov. 16. Participants are expected to bring their own laptops and sign up on Codeforces before coming for the contest.

Zero-Inflated Random Forests for Single Cell RNA-Seq Modeling

We present a new random forests (RFs) algorithm for count valued outcomes, and we apply it to single-cell RNA-Sequencing (scRNA-seq) data in the context of genetic regulatory network (GRN) estimation. The high frequency of zero-counts found in such data is referred to as zero-inflation and makes its analysis challenging. The algorithm accounts for zero-inflation via an iterative Monte-Carlo expectation-maximization (MC-EM) process.


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