[pl-seminar] Functional techniques for PL researchers

Programming languages research often generates useful techniques in functional programming languages such as OCaml or Haskell, but it can also take advantage of such techniques. In this talk, I will cover several ways to write better functional code using 1) generalized algebraic data types, which allow us to refine the return type of type constructors, and 2) Gerard Huet's zippers, which enable efficient local changes to tree-like data structures.

HCI Seminar - From Mr.Mom to r/Daddit: Social Media, Parenting and Gender Equity

Abstract — Traditionally, mothers held the role of primary caretaker at home while fathers were expected to be the primary providers for the family. Social and economic changes in the US over the past four decades have seen more mothers enter the labor market. While mothers are still doing more domestic work, fathers are catching up. However, fathers face a lag in parenting norms as they are still considered primary breadwinners.


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