Undergraduate Internship Panel Discussion

Join your peers to get advice on applying for internships and what to expect. This is a great opportunity to hear from your fellow students about their varied experiences in their internships.

You can also hear directly from a human resources recruiter to help answer those internship questions you always wanted to ask!

This is a great way to prepare for the CS Job fair too!

Please RSVP here (you must be logged into your wisc.edu account to access the form).

[DB Seminar] X-DB, the Globally-Distributed Database System at Alibaba

Abstract: Supporting Alibaba business running on hundreds of thousands of nodes, X-DB provides high availability, strong ACID, and horizontal scalability. To support one of the world’s largest and fast-growing e-commerce platform, X-DB manages very large data with innovative storage engine, Paxos-based deployment, and distributed-SQL engine. Fully utilizing new hardware in different areas including storage, network, multi-core, parallel and heterogeneous computing, X-DB co-designs hardware and software and is compatible with MySQL ecosystem.

Sea Grant Student Web Developer

Job Description: The Aquatic Sciences Center (ASC) seeks a part-time student with a good working knowledge of WordPress and other web technologies. Student would work with ASC Web Developer transferring old DNN website to newly created fresh WordPress site. Work environment is flexible with a maximum of 20 hours/week (10-15 typical). Applicant must be self-motivated and have created websites before. This is a great opportunity for the right person with the necessary skill set. Programming skills a plus and encouraged. Links to current projects helpful.


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