Industrial Affiliates Program

The Industrial Affiliates Program fosters relationships between the UW-Madison Department of Computer Sciences and industrial partners. Our goal is a two-way sharing of information and resources for mutual development. The program provides a forum for active exchange between your organization and Wisconsin CS.

Members of the CS department—both faculty and students—gain a greater awareness of what goes on in your organization through the Affiliates Program. Similarly, you will gain greater familiarity with our cutting-edge research, students and instructional programs.

Benefits of participating in the program are numerous. They include recruiting, access to faculty and research results, visibility and an annual report containing a research summary. See our benefits page for more detailed information about the value of joining the Industrial Affiliates Program.

Internal funds within the CS department are used to run program activities. To maintain an active and vibrant program, we require support from our affiliates (described under Membership Costs).

There are also specialized Affiliates Programs in the fields of computer architecture, databases and optimization; membership in any of those specialty programs automatically confers membership in the general affiliates program. Please note that the cost to participate in the specialty programs differs from the general program.

Special Events

Each fall, affiliates are invited to participate in the Madison Area Computer Science Job Fair.

Contact Information

General questions about the Affiliates Program may be directed to the program committee chair:

Professor Barton Miller
Phone: 608-263-3378
Fax: 608-262-9777

Questions specific to the computer architecture program may be directed to:

Professor Mark  Hill
Phone:  608-262-2196

Questions specific to the database program may be directed to:

Professor AnHai Doan or Professor Jignesh Patel
Phone:  Doan (608) 262-9759 or Patel (608) 263-7308
E-mail: or

Questions specific to the optimization program may be directed to:

Professor Michael Ferris
Phone:  608-316-4356