HCI Seminar: Designing Tools for Remote Communication Between Programmers

Friday, November 17, 2017 -
11:00am to 12:00pm
1240 CS

Speaker Name: 

Steve Oney

Speaker Institution: 

University of Michigan



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1240 CS


Abstract — Communication is a fundamental need in the software developers of all levels of experience. Communication tools can help novice programmers seek help and learning resources. For experienced programmers, communication is fundamental to effective coordination. In this talk, I will present several tools aimed at improving remote communication between programmers. First, Codeon explores ways to provide on-demand remote support through semi-synchronous communication. Codeon allows programmers to make verbal requests that are then packaged with their code context and sent to remote experts. Second, chat.codes is a synchronous code communication tool that enables synchronous conversations about a shared codebase to be re-used and referenced after a conversation concludes. Chat.codes tracks synchronous messages along with code edits and references. I will conclude with future work in this space.

About the Speaker — Steve Oney is an assistant professor and Postdoctoral Presidential Scholar at the University of Michigan School of Information. His research focuses on enabling and encouraging more people to write and customize computer programs by creating new programming tools and exploring usability issues in programming environments. Oney completed his Ph.D in Carnegie Mellon’s Human-Computer Interaction Institute, where he was advised by Brad Myers and Joel Brandt. He also attended MIT, where he earned a computer science and math SB in 2007 and a computer science MEng in 2008.