Prof. Gupta's team recognized as WARF Innovation Award finalist

Assistant Professor Mohit Gupta, postdoctoral research associate Brandon Smith (PhD '14), and graduate students Pratham Desai and Vishal Agarwal of the Computer Sciences Department were honored as finalists at the 2017 WARF Innovation Awards.

They developed an imaging technique useful for recognizing hand gestures and other micromotions in 3D. Their technique analyzes speckle patterns to measure extremely small 3D motions on the order of 10-100 microns. Applications for this work include gesture recognition for devices like smartphones and wearable sensors, as well as motion analysis of cells and other microscopic particles.

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The finalists were drawn from approximately 380 invention disclosures submitted to WARF over the past 12 months. Criteria include potential long-term impact and broad benefits for humankind.

The Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) is the independent, nonprofit organization that works to protect and commercialize campus discoveries. It is proud to partner with the Computer Sciences Department to support visionary research.

Pictured from left to right: WARF Intellectual Property Manager Leah Haman, Letters & Science Dean John Karl Scholz, Mohit Gupta, Brandon Smith, Pratham Desai, Vishal Agarwal, WARF Licensing Manager Scott Pollyea