Programming team advances to World Finals for 16th straight year

On Saturday, Oct., 29, the regional round of the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) was held. UW-Madison participated with three registered teams and one unregistered team at a site on the Epic campus in Verona, Wis. UW's registered teams placed 1st, 5th and 19th among the 231 teams in our region. See for the full scoreboard.

Our top team was the only one to solve 9 problems. It is the same team that advanced to the World Finals last year (though under a different name). As the top team of the region automatically qualifies for the World Finals, this means that for the 16th year in a row UW-Madison made it to the World Finals. No other school in North America can boast this record!

Congratulations to all participants and also to Bryce Sandlund for running the preparations this year.


UW-Madison teams:

Chang – 1st place: Krittisak Chaiyakul, Ingkarat Rak-amnouykit, Songwong Tasneeyapant

Jump Around – 5th place: Zhilin Jiang, Xin Jin, Yunfeng Li

Underbalanced Tree – 19th place: Haokun Cheng, Zhenghao Gu, Peter Van Sandt

The Average Joes - unranked: Satyam Dhar, Marc Spehlmann, Jinman Zhao


[Item submitted by Prof. Dieter van Melkebeek]