Undergraduate Assistant

Seeking undergraduate assistant

The Pepperell Lab in the Microbial Sciences building is searching for a computer science undergraduate student to assist with Systems Administration. The Pepperell lab is a bioinformatics/ computational biology research group focused on infectious diseases. We are looking for students graduating on or after May 2019. The applicant will work alongside the current System Administrator initially with the aim of assuming full responsibility in subsequent semesters.

Intern for i-squared’s Systematic Tactical Asset Allocation Program (STAA)


Company Description: i-squared is a wealth management start-up. Our vision is to build the next generation wealth management business enhanced with the latest technology and data science methods, including various machine learning, AI algorithms, and blockchain. As part of our development we have developed a Systematic Tactical Asset Allocation (STAA) program. STAA invests across asset classes globally and has a track record of significantly outperforming the S&P, while minimizing drawdowns and significantly improving the Sharpe ratio.

Using Machine Learning to Better Understand and Manage Disease

Supervised machine learning methods infer models that map a set of input variables to an output variable of interest when given data sets consisting of such input-output pairs. The learned models can play important roles in lending insight into a problem domain and in making informative predictions. I will discuss several applications in which my group has developed and applied machine-learning approaches to help understand and manage disease processes.


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