UW database students win Best Student Paper award at IEEE BigData Congress

UW-Madison computer sciences graduate students Harshad Deshmukh and Hakan Memisoglu won the Best Student Paper award at the IEEE BigData Congress 2017, held in Honolulu in June.

The paper, “Adaptive Concurrent Query Execution Framework for an Analytical In-Memory Database System,” was co-authored by Deshmukh, Memisoglu and Prof. Jignesh M. Patel, all of UW-Madison’s database systems group. Deshmukh presented it at the conference.

In the paper, the researchers present the design of an adaptive query scheduler for a modern database system that is capable of performing resource allocation (like CPU) among concurrently executing queries as per high level resource allocation policies such as fair and priority-based.  

Deshmukh and Memisoglu both work with Prof. Patel on the Quickstep project. Congrats, all!

[Photo: Harshad Deshmukh receiving the award from L.J. Zhang, steering committee chair of Services Conference Federation]