Graduate Advising

Graduate Coordinator

Angela Thorp

Graduate Program Coordinator


Rm 4297 Computer Sciences Building

Graduate Advising Committee

The Graduate Advising Committee (GAC) advises students in the academic track of the graduate program, approves course plans, and evaluates satisfactory progress toward the degree. Each fall and spring semester during the registration period, every graduate student in Computer Sciences who does not have a dissertation advisor needs to meet with a GAC member. Such students need to see a GAC member again during the semester in case of changes to the course plan. Students seeking deadline extensions or exceptions need to meet with the GAC Chair, currently Professor Eftychios Sifakis.

No appointment necessary during posted office hours.  Due to the pandemic, during Spring 2022 all GAC members except Paris Koutris will hold virtual office hours via their Zoom links posted below. You will be let in from the Zoom waiting room individually. Professor Koutris will be available in person during his office hours posted below. No office hours during spring break. 

Angela Thorp (Graduate Program Manager),, Room 4297 CS
Thursday, 2:30-3:30pm on Zoom:

Eftychios Sifakis (GAC Chair),, Room 6387 CS
Thursday, 9-10am on Zoom:

Jin-Yi Cai,, Room 4393 CS
Friday, 4-5pm on Zoom:

Colin Dewey,, Room 2128 Genetics-Biotech
Wednesday, 11am-12pm on Zoom:

Paris Koutris,, Room 4363 CS
Tuesday 1:30-2;30pm; CS 4363 in person
Thursday 1:30-2:30pm; CS 4363 in person

Amos Ron,, Room 7381 CS
Wednesday, 7-8pm on Zoom:

Eric Bach (CS PhD minor advisor for students from outside CS),, Room 4391 CS
(No office hours – email only.)