DuploCloud Platform Tech Talk

Thursday, April 27, 2017 - 4:00pm
CS 4310

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Venkat Thiruvengadam

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Pizza - Yes!!

AWS by default does not provide a declarative interface to software deployment. Users are required to learn and configure low level infrastructure details and often write thousands of lines of automation for their deployments. Businesses often dedicate a team of engineers called "Devops" for this.
DuploCloud is an abstraction (platform-as-a-service) on AWS that enables this declarative interface by auto-generating the configuration based on application needs. A version of this software called "DuploLive" allows users to deploy applications on AWS w/o even having to setup an account with AWS. This can especially be interesting for universities where students can get started or build class projects without spending time on low level AWS setup details unrelated to the application they are building.
Duplo is currently used in large scale production environments in companies like Zenefits. Here are some additional resources

1. Duplo Home Page: https://portal.duplocloud.net
2. Blog on Use case: https://portal.duplocloud.net/ui/production/docs/Blogs/Blog-Introduction...
3. Blog on cloud deployment patterns that motivated Duplo https://portal.duplocloud.net/ui/production/docs/Blogs/Blog-Patterns.html
4. Blog on Duplo's CI/CD Extensions: https://portal.duplocloud.net/ui/production/docs/Blogs/Blog-cicd.html