US Ignite Gigabit Smart Home Challenge Launch

Wednesday, February 15, 2017 -
5:30pm to 7:30pm
CS 1240

Speaker Name: 

Suman Banerjee

Speaker Institution: 

UW-Madison, Computer Sciences Dept.



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CS 1240


I (Suman Banerjee) am happy to announce a systems/programming competition called the ParaDrop Smart Home Gigabit Challenge, that will run from mid Feb to mid Aug 2017 with opportunities to win prizes worth $15,000. The goal of this competition is to design, build, and showcase smart home solutions for the future, centered around applications in public safety or education. Bring your innovative thinking around smart gadgets and exciting new technologies that can transform our homes. You can participate individually or in teams (teams is better), and get to keep all your innovations of course.

More details at:

Also if possible, please register at this link below to let us know if you will come to the launch event this Wednesday --- we will have some cookies and other consumables (mostly to ensure we order the right amount of consumables).

You will learn about what ParaDrop is --- a novel edge computing platform (that transforms the WiFi router on which one can host new services) and see some exciting demos with it on its capabilities.

If you are unable to attend the event, that is fine too --- you can still enter the competition --- follow the rules at the project website or contact us at:

Here are a few more details about the competition and its plans:

Launch event: Feb 15, Wednesday 5.30-7.30pm
in CS 1240 in the Computer Sciences building @ UW Madison (1210. W. Dayton St., Madison, WI)

Have a great idea to create an innovative smart home service? Join the
ParaDrop Smart Home Gigabit Challenge 2017

More details at:

Contact email:

Win prizes worth: $15,000

The ParaDrop team based in the University of Wisconsin-Madison is pleased to announce the smart home gigabit challenge, in partnership with the non-profit organization, US Ignite, and the IT team at the City of Ammon, Idaho. The goal of the challenge is to encourage developers to design, implement, deploy, and demonstrate various smart home services that focus on innovative use of high-bandwidth and low latency computing technologies to provide improved public services that can be deployed at city scales. The competition focuses on two areas of public service:
1) Public safety and 2) Education. Leverage smart gadgets, IoT components, high bandwidth wired and wireless networks, emerging technologies (VR and AR), to build something transformative. Specific details and concrete examples ideas are in the competition website.

The competition will last from February 15 to mid August 2017, with nearly $15,000 in cash/kind prizes to be awarded to the various winners at the end of the competition period.

Major dates:
Feburary 15 (Wed): Launch event in CS 1240 (Computer Science Building) - 1210. W. Dayton St. Madison, WI 53706.

March 15: Submit your preliminary ideas.

Early May: Preliminary awards for teams making strong progress.

Mid August: Final demonstrations and selection of winner.