Search @ Bloomberg

Wednesday, February 1, 2017 -
4:00pm to 5:00pm
1240 Computer Sciences

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Steven Bower

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1240 Computer Sciences


Bloomberg's business is providing accurate and timely news and information to our clients. Search engines provide an extremely powerful set of tools with which we can deliver the capabilities our clients demand.

In this talk I'll discuss:

(1) The basic features of modern search engines.

(2) The search platform we've built on top of Apache Solr and the work we've done in order to deploy and manage the hardware and software infrastructure it requires.

(3) How we use and contribute to open source software: (a) How and why we chose Solr and other technologies and (b) Our contributions to Apache Solr including the Analytics, Highlighting, Learning-to-Rank components we've built.

(4) A number of interesting and extreme uses cases: Geo-spacial search, High performance real-time analytics, Extreme scale, and Relevancy tuning across heterogeneous datasets