Programming II

CS 300



Introduces students to Object-Oriented Programming using classes and objects to solve more complex problems. The course also introduces array-based and linked data structures: including lists, stacks, and queues. Programming assignments require writing and developing multi-class (file) programs using interfaces, generics, and exception handling to solve challenging real world problems. Topics reviewed include reading/writing data and objects from/to files and exception handling, and command line arguments. Topics introduced: object-oriented design; class vs. object; create and define interfaces and iterators; searching and sorting; abstract data types (List,Stack,Queue,PriorityQueue(Heap),Binary Search Tree); generic interfaces (parametric polymorphism); how to design and write test methods and classes; array based vs. linked node implementations; introduction to complexity analysis; recursion. Pre-Reqs: Satisfied Quantitative Reasoning (QR) A requirement and COMP SCI 200, COMP SCI 301, COMP SCI 302, COMP SCI 310, or (COMP SCI/ECE 252 and ECE 203)

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