Systems Adminstrator


Simulation-Based Engineering Lab, UW-Madison


Madison, WI
United States


Wednesday, May 10, 2017

We are seeking a Systems Administrator to maintain the Euler hybrid CPU/GPU cluster located in Mechanical Engineering. Euler is operated by SBEL (Simulation-Based Engineering Lab), see It consists of a number of heterogeneous CPU (Intel Xeon,
Intel Phi, AMD) and GPU (K20, K40, GTX1070, P100) computing resources on a Linux-based network. You will be asked to create/maintain users’ accounts, install and update software, install and update hardware, maintain system tools, and recommend new cluster hardware for
updates and expansion. You would also be asked to help maintain a handful of SBEL workstations and help both SBEL and Euler users with hardware and software issues.

For additional information, please see attached document.

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