Student hourly web developer


UW-Madison Civil and Environmental Engineering Department


United States


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at UW-Madison needs a person to design a highly secured, user-friendly website that inputs quantitative and qualitative data through an existing survey, and outputs a standardized report. This report should include charts from an existing R-code, as well as tables and text-paragraphs. In this sense, this website should do the following:

  • First, the website should allow the user to input his/her data through a survey. Currently we have this survey on Qualtrics and as a PDF.
  • Second, the website should automatically add the user’s input to a database. Currently, we use Microsoft-Excel for the database.
  • Third, the website should run some analyses to the database, while specifying the user’s data as compared to the rest of the database. We currently run these analyses using an already existing R-code.
  • Fourth, the website should output to the user a standardized report that summarizes the results of the analyses. We currently produce this report manually using Microsoft-Word. The current format of this report includes charts, tables, and paragraphs.

Applicants who have the required capabilities, either CS undergrad or CS grad students will be accepted, and his/her job will be paid by the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at UW-Madison.

Please contact me at, or Professor Awad S. Hanna at if you need any additional information.

Qualified candidate sought as soon as possible!