Software Developer




Madison, WI
United States


Saturday, December 31, 2016

We’re an independent division of Esker Inc. located in Madison, Wisconsin. We’re a small company that is building a web platform that’s revolutionizing the sometimes-stodgy world of business-to-business communications. Our platform is currently being used by over 350,000
businesses of all sizes. We are seeking a Software Developer to join our growing team in Madison Wisconsin team.

We’re looking for a talented software developer who loves their work, both client- and server-side. Someone who likes the same frameworks we do, knows their limitations, and is always looking for a better way. We want to find someone who naturally prefers to work on a small team, with the communication skills to do so. Someone who understands scalability and obsesses over security. Someone who smiles when they show us the things they’ve built. Mostly, someone who shares our love of shipping code. Ideal candidates will possess a degree in Computer Science, Math, Engineering or related experience along with a minimum of 3+ years of experience defining and developing technical specifications.

For additional information, please see attached document.

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