Industrial Affiliates Program: Benefits of joining

Members of the Industrial Affiliates Program at Wisconsin CS receive the benefits listed below. Members of the specialized area program for computer architecture are automatically members of the general program; in addition, they receive extra benefits unique to their group.


As a member of our Affiliates Program, you have increased recruiting access to our students for summer jobs, internships and full-time positions. We also schedule on-site interview dates for our affiliates. This includes providing conference room space in our building, announcing the dates electronically and in appropriate classes, collecting resumes, scheduling technical talks, providing space for informational meetings or receptions and assisting you with local arrangements for your recruiters.

Access to Faculty:

Our faculty makes itself available to affiliates for discussions of our research, students, curriculum and other related topics. We also visit affiliate sites to make research presentations.

Access to Research Results:

The department has two main means of disseminating our research results to affiliates: Early notice of publications: You will receive timely notification of the availability of new research publications and technical reports. These reports are immediately available on our department's Web server. Alternatively, you may receive quarterly hard copies of these reports. Seminars: Periodically, our department as a whole or individual research areas hold one- to two-day seminars to review current research. Invitations to these seminars are provided only to members of our Affiliates Program. Organizational members may send multiple attendees to each seminar.

Annual Department Research Summary Publication:

We automatically distribute copies of our department's Annual Report to affiliates. This publication summarizes the major research activities of our department. It also includes summaries for each faculty member and a list of active Ph.D. students and their research topics.

Long-term Visitors:

Members are eligible to site a visitor in our Department for up to one year. Visitors will be provided office space, computing resources and network access. During their stay, visitors are welcome to attend classes and participate in various research groups. (There is an additional cost for visitors, above the basic affiliate membership rate; see “Membership costs” for details.) Visibility: Your organization’s name will be prominently displayed on our affiliates Web page, along with a link to your own website.

Added benefits for the computer architecture group:

  • The computer architecture group holds annual meetings to discuss recent research and allow you to influence our directions. These meetings provide computer architecture students and faculty an opportunity to share their work with industry affiliates, facilitating technology transfer in both directions. Meetings take are scheduled between late August and early November.
  • We can notify you when the final versions of our papers become available (typically three months before publication). Some earlier drafts of papers submitted for publication will also be available (six to nine months before publication).
  • You will get to know our graduate students early (booklets containing our students’ resumes are distributed at our annual affiliates meeting), greatly increasing your chance of hiring them. You are also entitled to in-department recruiting.

Added benefits for the database affiliates group:

  • The database group typically holds annual meetings to discuss recent research and explore future directions with the affiliates.  These meetings provide database students and faculty an opportunity to share their work with industry affiliates, facilitating technology transfer in both directions.
  • You will get to know our students early in their graduate student careers, which will strengthen your connections to them while they are still students.  You are also entitled to in-department recruiting.