Artificial Intelligence Quals (including bioinformatics)

The department’s standard course offerings in artificial intelligence include a senior-level survey of the field, CS 540; two graduate-level survey courses of the field, CS 760 and 731; and a series of 700-level courses, each covering one sub-area of the field. The sub-areas and the primary courses covering them are Advanced Machine Learning (CS 761), Computer Vision (CS 766) and Advanced Bioinformatics (CS 776). Each of these courses has CS540, CS 760, CS 576 or CS 731 as a prerequisite. Note that staff shortages may make it impossible for the Department to regularly offer CS 731. Students will be prepared for the Ph.D. qualifying exam in AI if they have mastered the material presented in CS 540 (or CS 731), CS 760, and in one of CS 761, CS 766 and CS 776.

Past exams

AI qual fall 2018

AI qual_Spring 2017

AI qual_Fall 2016

AI qual_Fall 2017

AI qual_Spring 2016

AI s15

AI s14

AI qual_Fall 2015

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