Undergraduate advisors

CS advisors are available via walk-ins, appointments and email. Advising is available to current UW students only. Majors/certificates are declared online–-not in advising. To declare, please complete the online declaration form. To access this form, you must be logged in to Google with your wisc.edu account. Please make sure you are not logged in with a personal Gmail account.

Throughout November, CS advisors will be offering quick, 10 minute enrollment appointments. These will be scheduled through the MyUW Scheduling Assistant App, just like regular appointments. We will open these appointments the day before around 4:00 PM (Monday appointments will open the previous Friday). This is designed to cut down on the number of students we need to turn away during walk-ins. As always, quick questions can be emailed: advising@cs.wisc.edu, and faculty associate/faculty advising hours will be posted to the Google calendar below.


 Student Services Coordinators
Brittany Elandt
Madeline Juillard
Mollie Stolbov
Michael Ferris

Faculty Associates
Gary Dahl
Deb Deppeler
Beck Hasti
Marc Renault
Jim Williams

ExpertiseComputer Sciences requirements and course selection

L&S requirements and policies, ISS forms, study abroad, readmission, SAP appeals, Honors in the major


Specializations in the field
Graduate school for CS