Professional Capstone Certificate Program: International Students


The Professional Capstone Certificate Program is now accepting international students for the Fall semester during a pilot period. All aspects of the program, including curriculum and requirements, remain the same for international students. However, due to the fact that international students are required to take a minimum of eight credits per semester in order to maintain full-time status, and the constraints of the program's prerequisite courses (CS 200/CS 301 and CS 300), a more specific course plan for international students has been outlined. In addition, because of the need to process an I-20 for international students, there are some additional steps in the admissions process. These details are all outlined below.


If a student needs a UW I-20 document (required to obtain an F-1 student visa to enter/stay in the U.S.), they should apply to the Professional Capstone Certificate Program at least three months before their intended start date to ensure that there is enough time to complete the visa process. In addition to completing the steps outlined here, two additional items will be collected from you as a part of our application process. These items are:

  1. a copy of your passport page showing your name, date of birth, citizenship status, etc.;
  2. financial documentation showing adequate resources to cover UW tuition and expected living costs for at least one year.


International students are required to take a minimum of eight credits per semester. Because of this, and the constraints of our program's prerequisites, we have outlined a course plan which will satisfy both the curriculum requirements and the credit mandates.

If you do not have the background that is covered by two prerequisite courses, CS 200/CS 301 and CS 300, we recommend the following course plan:

Semester one

Semester two

Semester three

If you are comfortable with the materials that are covered by the CS 200/CS 301 and CS 300 prerequisites, we recommend the following course plan:

Semester one

Semester two

The Professional Capstone Certificate Program is a terrific gateway into the Professional Master's Program. For more information on this, visit the Capstone Program FAQ page.

Deadlines for the pilot program to be admitted in Fall

For this initial pilot program, we have a small number of seats. All applications that arrive by April 15 will be given full consideration for the program. After that, applications will be considered on a rolling basis until our seats are filled. We will update our website when admissions close.